Until there is cure for cancer, may we find inspiration in Joshua's three simple words:

Calm, Fearless, and Brave.

The Joshua Bembo Project, Inc. is a non-profit organization created in memory of Joshua Bembo who lost his 15 month battle with Gliomatosis Cerebri on March 01, 2013. He was 9 years old.

We are dedicated to providing hope to children diagnosed with rare and inoperable brain tumor such as the one that took Joshua's life, Gliomatosis Cerebri, by organizing fundraising events to support research efforts to find treatment.

Our Main Objectives:

  1. Support research efforts to find treatment options for rare brain cancer with primary focus on Gliomatosis Cerebri.
  2. Create Gliomatosis Cerebri Registry. The Registry is a central respository of data about cases of Gliomatosis Cerebri around the world and it will provide as a resource site for medical practitioners as well as families affected by this rare brain tumor.
  3. Provide direct financial assistance to families of children diagnosed with a rare brain cancer to help them offset costs of physician visits, treatments, medications, lodging and transportation.
  4. Partners and supports religious and community-based groups helping families of sick children battling brain cancer.
  5. Supports groups dedicated to promote brain cancer awareness and early detection.

The Story Behind "The Joshua Project" Logo

When The Joshua Project first came to mind, we asked him one question. "If someone made a sketch of you, what would you like?". He was consistent about two things. His fascination with dinosaurs and his dreams of being a French Chef someday. And that is how the illustration was conceptualized. It embodies the imagination of a child as he fearlessly battles cancer with such calm innocence. Sitting on top of the dinosaur signifies how he bravely tries to conquer the disease. Wearing a chef's uniform represents his faith and how he sees his future. The little boy holding up a chef's hat and tries to catch a butterfly all signifies hope for the cure.




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